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Jun 11, 2021 | Security and Risk Management

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As the world becomes more connected and networks continue to evolve, securing IT environments is becoming more complex than ever. We are now facing Gen V (5th Generation) of cyberattacks, large scale attacks that quickly spread and move across attack vectors and industries. Gen V attacks are more sophisticated than ever, crossing mobile, cloud, and network, bypassing conventional defenses.

Walls, deceptions, and other types of cyber fortifications may encumber the adversary, but no technological defense is forever perfect. A persistent attacker will always find ways to establish footholds on a target network, and will leverage them to achieve his or her objectives. This is especially true in today’s borderless cyberspace, where network and cloud dissolve into each other.

Cyber defenders need a new concept of operations for detecting, disrupting, and repelling these ever more prevalent attacks.

Check Point CloudGuard NDR (Network Detection and Response) extends Check Point Infinity to empower a new cyber defense paradigm. CloudGuard NDR tenets are DEPLOY – HUNT – PREVENT. Deploy operationalizes Infinity components anywhere that visibility and control are needed – literally in minutes! Hunt combines an advanced set of analytical tools, combining artificial intelligence with advanced visualization techniques to allow cyber analysts to identify and investigate attacks that got through or past the other lines of defense. Prevent is the ability to convert analytical insights into action, via a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that manages threat indicators and delivers them to the Infinity enforcement points. Together, these CloudGuard NDR functions provide cyber defenders with the agility needed to address any attack, anywhere.

Some of the benefits are it is not licensed per IP or log size, it is licensed exactly as a normal firewall. Also a great complimentary solution is InfinitySOC for customers that are looking for SOC enhancement solutions –

Please let us know if you would like more information or a demonstration of the capability of Check Point CloudGuard NDR, and we will happily arrange and schedule a demo! Attached is some more overview material.

CP CloudGuard NDR Overview CP CloudGuard NDR

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