Frequently Asked Questions. Find your answer here.

General questions

Is your support 24x7?

Yes. Our managed service offering have various options availalbe for you.

Is your hosting Namibia based?


How long does it take to deploy my account?

As soon as payment processess have been finalized your account is activce. Can take from 1 to 5 days

Can I request dedicated bandwidth

Yes, you can.  Please contact us here for further information.

Will you back up my account?

Yes.  You select what servers to be protected

Can I upgrade my account later

Yes, upgrade options are dependant on services selections

How do I request for a Demo Account

Please send us a demo request by clicking here

Bandwidth policy

Bandwidth is based on fair usage.  For dedicated bandwidth please contact us here

Finance questions

Payment methods

We offer various payment methods like credit card, EFT, purchase order, bank transfers Please contact us here for details

Finance options

We do not provide finance options.

Refund policy

On certain scenarios refunds are allowed with a 15% admin fee.  Contact us to request a refund by clicking here.

Is the credit card payment secure

Yes, a third party PCI compliant payment gateway is being utilized

How do I pay via purchase order

Select purchase order option and complete all required fields.  You will be contacted by the finance department for further details

Domain questions

Domain Transfer EPP code

If you want to transfer you domain to a different provider please contact us here for the EPP code

Can I only host my domain name here?

Yes, no need to purchase any additional services.

Hosting questions

Does your hosting include control panel?


Where is your hosting based?


The hosting offerings are to small

For custom created hosting offerings, please do contact us here

Can I request public IP's

Yes, after the the successufll purchase of your package, offerings will be made available for public IP’s 

What protocols do you support

Any type that you require.  Please log a support ticket for the ports to be allowed.

How do I backup my servers?

You can purchase a seperate backup storage where you can backup your VM’s to and restore from.  Contact us for further details by clicking here.

What server hardware do you run?

x86 platform

Do you offer Windows hosting?

Yes and all other major operating systems like CentOS, Ubuntu

How many IP's in a VLAN

Default of 8 dedicated IP’s will be allocated.  Please request your IP quantities via the support ticket

How do I connect to my office?

You can select the package to assist with office connectivity or log a support ticket for further assistance.

How do I allocated server resources?
You control the resources per server. E.g If your package has 1-2 VM and 4 GB memory, you can either allocate 4 GB to one VM or 3GB to VM1 and 1GB to VM2.
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