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Consolidating Security Solutions Would Improve
Overall Protections, According to Surveyed CISOs

With every new cyber attack, the red flags begin waving. Again. The usual reaction is for organizations to ramp-up security by adding new security tools to their environments, with the assumption that these will help to better protect their networks and sensitive data.

But will they? Or does adding more solutions from different vendors simply add more complexity, and potentially undermine security?

To better understand this problem, Check Point commissioned Dimensional Research to survey global security leaders to capture hard data on their attitudes towards tool consolidation. Read Why Security Consolidation Matters, a report on Dimensional’s ground-breaking survey.

Learn what security pros say about:

  • How security is managed at different sized organizations
  • How using dozens of security solutions impacts security
  • How best to improve overall security in their organizations

Download Why Security Consolidation Matters today!

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