Exploring human vulnerabilities and exploitation

Sep 22, 2021 | Security and Risk Management

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In a bit of a different pace to our normal updates around security reports and ensuring that we share pertinent information that could assist you with your security posture, I wanted to share this fascinating, short and easy to read complimentary eBook that looks at the history, evolution, and future of Social Engineering.

Embark on a fascinating journey from biblical times to 20th century’s biggest social engineering scams, how they evolved into what we see in our mailboxes every day, and where we’re headed in the near future.

  • Most shocking social engineering scams in history
  • Social engineering in emails
  • The possible future
  • How to stay safe

I really do hope that you find this as interesting and informative as I did, so please let us know if you would like more information and resources on how you could stay safe from social engineering attacks. If you are unsure if you are vulnerable to new types of attacks, please take the time to test your network vulnerabilities against advanced threats using the free CheckMe Instant Security Assessment – https://pages.checkpoint.com/checkme-instant-security-check.html , I have attached a sample report of what you can expect, at no cost!

CheckMe_Sample_Report social-engineering-ebook

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