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Make Your Business Cyber Resilient – Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution

Organizations are moving away from a focus on cybersecurity and toward a more comprehensive approach known as cyber resilience. Rather than hope that they can defeat cyber threats 100% of the time, they are instead assuming that a cyberattack will eventually succeed and the organization will need to recover from the attack and resume operations as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

In order to successfully recover business-critical data and systems after a cyber incident, unaffected or “clean” copies of applications and data sets must be available. The challenge becomes how an organization ensures that clean data and unaffected applications exist. For many organizations, the answer is to physically and logically isolate data copies away from all normal production and backup systems, then scan and analyze this data inside the secure “vault” environment to detect any corruption and identify clean copies that can be used with confidence for operational recovery.

The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution from Dell Technologies addresses an important requirement within the rapidly expanding cyber resilience marketplace by providing a complete digital vault, data analysis, and cyber recovery solution. Cyber Recovery integrates key elements of an overall solution, including an automated, state-of-the-art “air gap” protection, plus a proven, AI-driven analytics engine that operates from the security of the vault environment.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects the data that drives your business – the same data that cyber-attacks and ransomware target. Automation and intelligent security isolates data away from the attack surface with an operational air gap. Stored immutably within a dedicated cyber vault, you can respond, recover and resume normal business operations with confidence that your data and your business are protected with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery.

Please find attached the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery eBook that will give you an insight to building business resilience to protect against a destructive Cyber Attack, and please contact us to schedule a presentation of the solution.

Cyber Resiliency Assessment – Complete this comprehensive 5-minute assessment to understand where you stand and receive prescriptive recommendations for how your organization can detect and respond to and recover from a ransomware or other cyber-attack. –

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery eBook

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